Alicia Barreiro

PhD in Educational Sciences and Postdoctoral Studies in Social Sciences, Magister in Educational Psychology. She is a Professor of Genetic Psychology and Epistemology at the University of Buenos Aires, and an endowed researcher at the National Scientific and Technological Research Council (CONICET-Argentine). Member of the Directive Board of the Jean Piaget Society (2019-2020) and Associate Editor of the journal Papers on Social Representations. She has been Visiting Scholar at the University of Aalborg, Denmark (2016), University of Utah, USA (2016), University of Reims-Champagne Ardenne, France (2014) and Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain (2013 and 2010). Her research interests are focused on the construction of social knowledge and moral development of children, adolescents and adults, combining social and developmental psychology approaches. Her most recent work explores how collective memory, collective moral judgements and social inequality constrain identity development and intergroup relations. Specifically, she studies how the collective remembering about the indigenous genocide in Argentina in the years 1878-1885 has ongoing effects on intergroup relations between indigenous people and the rest of the Argentine society.