Almudena Juanes García

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Education Phd. Doctoral thesis: “Social Justice representations in primary education students. Quantitative and Qualitative Comparative Study between Spain and Argentina”, within the line of research on Human Development and Social Justice of the GICE-UAM group (Research Group: Educational Change for Social Justice), of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) and Degree in Psychology (Collegiation: M-23156 C.O.P.).

Since 2012, trainer of several seminars for researchers, students or teachers, as the seminar in the subject “Human Development and Social Justice” of the Master in Education for Social Justice, of the UAM, or in the training program for PhD students, teachers and researchers of the LabiPP Working Group (Research Laboratory of Pedagogical Practices of the UNIPE: Pedagogical University of Buenos Aires): Training and Knowledge Construction in the social and moral domains, and in the subject Practicum III, of the students of degree of Education of Infantile and Primary Education, of the UAM.

Research stay at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in the research group: UBACYT Project 2014-2017 20020130100256BA: “Empirical research on the knowledge of the social domain and its theoretical-methodological implications”.

DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies): “Social Justice: an exploratory study of Social Justice Representations in training teachers” and Research work in psychological educational intervention: “Autism and music therapy”.

Co-coordinator of the data collection of the international study “Representations of Social Justice of European and Latin American students and professors”. Ibero-American Research Network on School Change and Effectiveness (RINACE) and collaborator in research projects: Schools in socio-economically challenging contexts: An approach from education for Social Justice. Reference: EDU2014-56118-P. 2014, School for Social Justice. Reference: EDU2011-29114, “What education for the citizenship do we need?”. Proposals derived from a research about the ideas and attitudes of teachers and students about citizenship education (MEC); Seminar: “on Peer Suport Training”, within the framework of the project: “Grundtvig Learning Partnership: Parental Education and Peer Education as an effective method of anti-bullying intervention in schools” (PEPE) (GR04-00566-1).

Since 2012, participation in numerous international congresses, belonging to the European Commission Children’s Identity and Citizenship in Europe Academic Network (CiCea) -Jean Monnet Network: “Education, Citizenship and Social Justice: Innovation Practices and Research (Organizing Committee)”, “Education: Controversy, Crises and Challenges”, “Creating Communities: Local, National and Global”, and in international congresses, of other international networks: “I International Congress on Leadership and Improvement of Education” (RILME Network), “The 42nd Association for Moral Education Annual Conference “(AME-Harvard University),” XVI National Congress and VI Ibero-American Congress of Pedagogy: Democracy and Education in the XXI Century. The work of John Dewey 100 years later “(Red SEP)” International Seminar: Construction of Social Knowledge: Contributions of the Psychology of Development and Theory of Social Representations “(FLACSO-Argentina),” 3rd International Congress of Educational Sciences and Development “(Universities UPV, Y UGR),” ERPA International Congresses on Education “(ERPA-Athens) and” ATEE WINTER Conference: “Social Justice and Diversity in Teacher Education” (Hungarian Association of Pedagogy and Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest).

In professional experience, nowadays, teacher and director of Universidad Antonio de Nebrija. Moreover, Mentor of the A.P.U.N.T.A.T.E. UAM (University Support to people with Autism Disorders and other spectrum disorders) and Trainer of the EQUIPAR program, imported from the Netherlands by Professor Kevin Van der Meulen of the U.A.M. (with the sections of social skills, dilemmas and control of anger) in 3º ESO of high school: “Juan de la Cierva” of Madrid, through the scholarship of beginning of studies in postgraduate of the U.A.M.