Concepción Robles Montes


PhD in Pedagogy by the UAM, BA in Geography and History, Master’s degree in ICT applied to education.

Currently working as Faculty Formation Advisor in Madrid’s Territorial Center of Innovation and Formation of the General Faculty Formation of the Education and Research Advisory.

She has taught in classes of pre-school, elementary and secondary school in several education centers in Madrid for 30 years and worked in the Pre-school and Elementary school’s Faculty Formation Advisory.

Her interests and studies focus on faculty formation, attention to diversity and reactive research. All of it with the main goal to help improve the education quality in diverse and vulnerable contexts, working towards making the schools boost creativity and beinghumanizing.

Member of the research group “Educational change for Social Justice” from itsbeginnings. In 2015 she defended a thesis by the name of: Basic competences for the educational change from a Social Justice approach.