Eunice Peña Sotero

Personnel Researcher in Training (PIF) of the Department of Didactics and Theory of Education of the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain) 2013- 2017.

PhD student at the Faculty of Teaching and Education of the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain)

Master in Strategic Educational Management (Lambayeque – Peru) with the thesis of human resources as participative institutional self-evaluation, where the European tool of total quality was used European Foundation for Quality Management.

Bachelor of Education, in the specialty of Biology and Chemistry, graduated from the National University “Pedro Ruiz Gallo” in the Lambayeque Region (Peru)

Postgraduate courses in second specialization: “Technology and Pedagogical Innovations” with the Modular Technical Report on “Evaluation of learning” and post-graduate studies in “Educational Management” of the National University “Pedro Ruiz Gallo” – Lambayeque.

Professor graduated with mention in Natural Sciences Pedagogical Institute “Sagrado Corazon de Jesus” Chiclayo Peru as well as studies of the Certificate of Professionalism in Teaching for Employment Training (Spain).

Studies carried out in La Havana (Cuba) on: “Strategies and techniques for learning problem solving” and “Creativity in the development of simple materials”. As well Educational Administration, developed by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science, Culture and Communication (UNESCO).

Also studies languages ​​in English (Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano – Peru) and of Russian language (Spain), sign language in the Association of the Deaf in Chiclayo – Peru and in the University ”Autonoma de Madrid”.

Teacher with 20 years of experience in Secondary Educational Institutions (Peru) and as a post-graduate university teacher Second Specialization in Educational Management of the Faculty of Social Historical Sciences and Education (FACHSE) of the National University “Pedro Ruiz Gallo” – Lambayeque (Peru), being also a consultant of final reports – modular technicians, with the topics of leadership, institutional climate, strategic planning, human resources, balance scored card, among others.

Coordinator of the Pedagogical Innovations Classroom, Head of Laboratory (e), Deputy Director (e), and member of the teacher evaluation committee, Technical Modular Reports advisor (National University Pedro Ruiz Gallo – Lambayeque) and education specialist in the Education Management of the Lambayeque Region (Peru).

Collaborated in the National Project “Puertas Abiertas”, a national consultation organized by the Peruvian Ministry of Education. She has also served as coordinator of the “1st census to diagnose the teaching-learning process” in the Lambayeque Region. Participated in the project “Education and Culture of Peace” designed by the University “Pontifica Católica del Peru”, and as a guest of the Regional Educational Project of Lambayeque. She has also organized and participated in Scientific, Technological and Innovation Fairs in Peru and Ecuador.

Participated in the scientific fair organized by the National Council of Science and Technology and Technological Innovation (CONCYTEC) as representative of his Region (Lambayeque) with a winning scientific paper called “I unuimanbau wasugkamau” (My skills in play). I also work in the “Aulas Hermanas” Contest, which is a project with a cooperative work strategy that seeks to promote collaboration and communication between schools in different countries. He also received the scholarship of excellence “President of the Republic” given by the Peruvian Government, through its bodies such as the Ministry of Education of Peru and the Scholarships and Educational Credits Program (PRONABEC) and is a research member of the Educational Change Research Group for Social Justice (GICE-UAM)