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Chairholder of the UNESCO Chair on Education for Social Justice at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). Senior Lecturer in Educational Research Methods at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of the UAM. Coordinator of the Research Group “Educational Change for Social Justice” (GICE-UAM), Academic Secretary of the University Institute of Human Rights, Democracy, Culture of Peace and Nonviolence (DEMOSPAZ) of the UAM. General Coordinator of the Ibero-American Research Network on Change and School Effectiveness (RINACE) and the Research Network on Leadership and Educational Improvement (RILME). Director of REICE, Ibero-American Journal on Quality, Effectiveness and Change in Education, of the Ibero-American Journal of Educational Evaluation, and of the International Journal of Education for Social Justice.

He has been General Coordinator of the Latin American Laboratory for the Evaluation of the Education Quality (LLECE) of UNESCO, and Director of Studies at the Educational Research and Documentation Center (CIDE) of the Ministry of Education.

He has 3 six-years-stretches of research, and more than 6,911 citations in Google Scholar, an h-index of 46, an i10-index of 122, and more than 225 published articles; in the last five years 7 JCR and 18 Scopus, among others. He has participated in 37 research projects funded in national and international competitive calls, 26 of which as Principal Researcher. He has supervised more than 20 doctoral theses. Principal Researcher of the “Network of Excellence”: Leadership and Educational Improvement (RILME) funded by the National Program of Scientific and Technical Research of Excellence (EDU2015-70036-REDT) and National Coordinator of the International Successful School Principalship Project (ISSPP).

He has worked as an expert in Educational Research and Evaluation in several countries of Latin America -Mexico, Panama, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil-, and with different international agencies -UNESCO, OCDE and Convenio Andrés Bello-.

Currently his research has been focused on “Education for Social Justice”. That is of this is its participation as PR of four consecutive National R+D+i projects: “Democracy in schools as the cornerstone of an education for social justice” (EDU2017-82688-P); “Schools in socio-economically challenging contexts: An Approach from Education for Social Justice” (EDU2014-56118-P), “Schools for Social Justice” (EDU2011-29114) and “Educational Leadership for Social Justice” (EDU2010) -18224).

For the past 20 years he has been researching on School Effectiveness and Improvement. As outcomes of this work can be regarded, for example, in his books: Research on School Effectiveness (Octahedron), School Improvement, a change of view (Octahedron), School Management: analysis and research (MEC), and has managed to have a remarkable influence especially in Latin America. Highlights could be the development of a School Effectiveness Improvement Model (with Creemers and Stoll), as well as the Ibero-American Research on School Effectiveness. He has been an elected member of the Board of Directors of the International Congress on School Effectiveness and School Improvement (ICSEI). It is remarkable his work as an educational methodologist especially using Multilevel Models. He has published a large number of articles where he shows the relationship of different factors with academic performance.

Some relevant publications:

  • Krichesky, G. J. & Murillo, F. J. (2018). La colaboración docente como factor de aprendizaje y promotor de mejora. Un estudio de casos [Teacher collaboration as a learning factor and promoter of improvement. A case study]. Educación XXI, 21(1), 135-156. https://doi.org/10.5944/educxx1.15080 (JCR)
  • Murillo, F. J. & Hidalgo, N. (2017). Students’ conceptions about a fair assessment of their learning. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 53, 10-16. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.stueduc.2017.01.001 (JCR)
  • Murillo, F. J. & Román, M (2014). Consequences of child labor in school performance. Latin American students of Primary Education. Latin American Research Review, 49(2), 84-106. https://doi.org/10.1353/lar.2014.0031 (JCR)
  • Murillo, F. J. & Martínez-Garrido, C. (2013). Impact of homework on academic performance. A study of Iberoamerican students of primary education. Journal of Psychodidactics, 18(1), 157-171. https://doi.org/10.1387/revpsicodidact.6156 (JCR)
  • Murillo, F. J. & Román, M. (2013). The distribution of time for the directors and directors of primary schools in Latin America and their impact on student performance. Revista de Educación, 361, 141-170. https://doi.org/10-4438/1988-592X-RE-2011-361-138 (JCR)
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  • Román, M. & Murillo, F. J. (2012). Educational policies to support schools in poor sectors and low academic achievement in Chile: 1990-2011. Revista de Educación, extraordinary issue.

More information: http://www.fjaviermurillo.es

Email: javier.murillo@uam.es