Natalia Molina de la Villa

Visual artist, specialized in art education though the visual art creation processes: LABs, Sculpture and collective art creation. She teaches experimental training and research in educational innovation from artistic practices and investigates about innovation on the spaces uses, inclusive practices and intercultural creation through artistic methodologies. Develops Art / Creation LABs, trains and researches from collaborative artistic practices on the schools and others public cultural space. Her investigation develop about the processes of learning and construction the personal and collective point of view and values, through EPAC one art methodology botton up for a more​​ democratic and inclusive participation.

Member of the Escuela en Arquitectura Educativa (school of educational architecture) which investigates the impact and potential of SPACE and artistic practices in educational contexts of participation. Natalia Molina collaborates as an artist (interdisciplinary) with the FYME foundation Yehudi Menuhin España (2002-2019), and with the European MUS-E Network in Erasmus Projects as META, Arte por la Convivencia etc. Also she collaborates with different Universities in projects, courses, workshops and seminars. She works too in other cultural spaces and museums. Researcher PIF member of the group GICE UAM. One of the founding member of the collective MA∞ (Art intercultural mediation) and PAC Participación Arte y Ciudadanía (community -procomún).



Art, education, mediation, training and research. Master in Art Education, Faculty of Fine Arts (UCM – “Complutense University of Madrid”). Primary Education Teaching Degree (UAM – “Autonomous University of Madrid”). Consultant in the ALUMNI Committee (UAM). She collaborates as Plastic Artist Trainer with the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation in Spain within the MUS-E Program from 2002, participating in the projects ERASMUS+: META and Art for Living Together in 2016 – 2017, whose methodology promotes creativity and inclusion of diversity through art workshops and art laboratories in Primary and Secondary education. She also provides training in University Seminars.

She is completing her Doctorate studies in Education (UAM) on educational innovation through collaborative art practices for a motivating skills development, the influence of the formation of educational spaces in the learning processes and the building of knowledges from an inclusive and collective involvement approach. Member of the Research Team GICE (UAM) for Art Education, creating the pilot project ESPACIO_AULA and now in the course 2019 2020 are working on the Kit Told EPAC.



ESPACIO_ AULA (“SPACES_CLASSROOM”). In this project we carried out an art mediation to generate collective processes in order to build up group links and collective space creations around the distribution of the classroom. This allowed us to articulate creative synergies from a ludic perspective on their way of perceiving space and their way of positioning themselves in the “common”, within the 3rd course of secondary education. On the basis of models, practices, affections and relations which are more horizontal, respectful and closer, we implemented inclusive, motivating and collective learnings through art methodologies, in order to develop new spaces thanks to the redistribution of their classroom generated by this process. This was an experience of building new spaces for the common learning of collective knowledges, where the students have shared their visions and contributions in order to create new ESPACIOS_AULA through participatory and collaborative art practices within the context of education.

Revista Pensar Juntos nº 2 Revista Iberoamericana de Filosofía para Niños. Experiencias creativas de autoría común para el diálogo y la reflexión en educación. (p.143-166).  Natalia Molina 2018 Revista Pensar Juntos nº2

CICREART2017. Summary Book of the III International Congress for the Research and Teaching of Creativity


ARQUITECNIDOS Habitat – birds. Reina Sofía Museum MNCARS y la EAE FUAM. Responsible for the design and mediation in the workshops Arquitecnidos, Saturdays from april to june 2019

Artist residency INTERMEDIAE collective installation Workshop SUMIE Contemporary. Collective Debajo del Sombrero, Tuesdays, May 2019, Matadero nave 16, Madrid.

Workshop SUMIE Gesture XL with artists from the collective Debajo del Sombrero, 26th march 2019, Nave 16 Artist residency, Matadero Madrid.

Workshop and Mediation Plastic Arts and Citizenship. Exibition Cultural Centre Centro Centro UAM50 Aniversario Haciendo futuro, Madrid. 22th de november 2018.


El Imperdible 3. Edition Cities innov. The COTEC “Ciudades Mutantes”, Escuela en Arquitectura Educactiva UAM: Cocreating Plastic Arts and Citizenship. Plaza de Colon Madrid 23th 2018.


CETIF Primary School CEEP La Quinta, Patios Inclusivos ESPACIOS Y PRÁCTICAS, EAE UAM 2019.

I Congress on visual Art Education. ART REINVENTING, Challenges and paradigms on the Art education. PAC_PAC group, Arte y Comunidad. 2h. CFIE Ávila, 10 de mayo 2019.


XIX International Congress on the Evaluation of the Program MUS-E, Las Navas del Marqués Avila MECD, CNNIE y FYME, 9,10 y 11th October 2017. Workshop INTERCULTURAL/ART Recognize and Recognize Us, Personal and Social Challenge on Education 2017.



UIMP MENÉNDEZ PELAYO INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY. Erasmus+ Course (1987-2017) 30 years of success UIMP/ Speaker in the Symposium “Enriching lives during 30 years”. Palace of La Magdalena, Santander, 8th September 2017


Course:  “SPACE – LIGHT: SUMIE ART AND CURRENT ART”,F. Bellas Artes UCM, AC/2019, 2º Course of Grade Painting. Monday and Tuesday 12- 14,30h, -4th February – 5th March.


Course: “THE LOOK AND THE BUILDING OF EASTERN PICTORIAL SPACE. AC/2018 .F. of Fine Arts – UCM., 2º Course of Painting. Monday and Tuesday, 12 h – 14,30h -19th February – 20th March.



Workshop: SPACES AND TRANSITS – Zen Sumie Painting. AC/2016



Collective Project REGENERATIONS. AC/ 2015. Contemporary Art Intergenerational Laboratory in La Trasera and Collective Exhibition in the Faculty of Fine Arts.



Seminar: Art participation and community ” EN SILLA” Master of Art Therapy UAM. 21 th march 2019, 3h


Seminar art LAB K “De la obligación a la motivación de aprender” Practices of collaborative art creation in Secondary Education. Master of Education Secondary MESOB UAM.18 th february 2019, 2 h, Faculty of Teachers Trainig and Education UAM “Autonomous University of Madrid”


XI International Congress on Art Education in terms of 2.0 XI Jornadas Educación Artística en clave 2.0 video comunication good practices: ARTEspacio Art community CEIP Séneca  with paints of Etel Adnan. Faculty of Teachers Trainig and Education Autonomous University of Madrid.16 th may 2019.

Group of Experts in Art Education II International Congress for Teachers – Secondary Education and Innovation. November 2018.


Seminar art “Con una Gota ” LAB Practices and resources art creation. Education. Master Art therapy.18 th october 2019, 3 h, Faculty of Teachers Trainig and Education UAM “Autonomous University of Madrid”


X International Congress on Art Education in terms of 2.0 video communication good practices: LAB for Manos La Serena (Chile). 3th august 2018

X Jornadas Educación Artística en clave 2.0


II International Congress leadership and improvement of education CILME UAM, II Congreso Internacional de Liderazgo y Mejora de la Educación CILME UAM Experiences Erasmus +META: Leadership y creativy. 28, 29 y 30th may 2018


II Congress on didactic Image (Art Education) FFP UAM. Video Communication. Experience ESPACIOS_AULA II/Primaria, UAM. 25 y 26 mayo 2018.


IV Congress PhD in Education. ESPACIO_AULA II. 3º Primary school. Comunication, UAM. 22 y 23 th may 2018.


International Seminar of Art Education ART3 UAM 150º Anniversary Spain-Japan: Espacio_Aula, Art Practices, collaborative activities and participation procomuns”16 th march 2018


Seminar “Proyecto ESPACIO-AULA: creating spaces university”, postgraduate Creativity UAM. 28 march 2017, 2 h, Faculty Teacher Trainig and Education de la UAM.

Seminar “Proyecto piloto ESPACIO-AULA”, Master secondary and higt school Education (MESOB) 28 th march 2017, 2 h, Faculty of Teacher Trainig and Education de la UAM.


III International Congress on investigation and teaching about Creativity. CICREART. 16-18 marzo 2017. Parque de las Ciencias. Granada (Spain).ESPACIO_AULA proposal performing arts and participation Secondary Education


VIII International Congress on Art Education in terms of 2.0. Video Communication. ESPACIO_ AULA Collaborative Practices in Secondary Education 2016.


VII International Congress on Art Education in terms of 2.0. Video Communication. Experience of the Common: “C” collaborative practices in education. December 2015.

IV International Week of Art Education (UNESCO, 2015). Speaker in the opening symposium. 13th May 2015. Teacher Training UAM.…/iv-semana…/

I International Congress E@ on Art Education. Video Communication “Alive Pictures”. December 2014.


UNIVERSITY OF GRANADA. FACULTY OF EDUCATION. Conferences on “Art in Schools. Reflections on involvement and inclusion”. 2016 and 2017.



ERASMUS + Seminar Brussels. Art for Motivation. Co-Creation/ work together in interactive laboratory collaboration with the open air art festival SuperVliegSuperMouche, offering workshops, presentations and performances..7th  – 11th June 2017.


ERASMUS KA3 – META Project. Minorities Education Through Arts. She participates as Artist in the European Pilot Programme in the M. Unamuno Education Centre (Madrid). META Minorities Education Through Arts


ERASMUS + Art for Motivation. She leads the Spain Workshop. Foz do Arelo,  8th – 12th April 2016, Lisbon.


Professional collaboration as Trainer and Artist with the Spanish Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (FYME) within the MUS-E Programme from 2002. This programme started in Brussels (1994) and in Spain, Madrid (1996). It was created by  Yehudi Menuhin together with W. Schmitt on the basis that art, as a source of balance and tolerance and also as a meeting place, should be part of education being available for all people.

Within this framework she provides training sessions in visual arts, performing arts and happenings. She designs and develops inclusive workshops / laboratories in visual and performing arts such as Art for Living Together held in 4 Secondary Education Centres, and also for the MUS-E Programme in 18 Education Centres from year 2004 to 2018, and other Programmes such as Show Me Africa and Human Rights. She also provides training courses for teachers (CETIF and CEIPS) and for university students in the following universities: UAM, UCM, LA SALLE, CARLOS III, UIMP and MECD.


XIX INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS FOR THE ASSESSMENT AND PLANNING OF THE MUS-E PROGRAMME. Intercultural Arts Laboratory. General Directorate for the Evaluation and Planning of the Education System. MECD. Navas del Marqués (Ávila). 9th, 10th and 11th October 2017.



The Dream of Menuhin.”Transforming Spaces Stage-Classroom I”, 3rd year  IES Rafael Frühbeck. Mediator Artist. Saramago Theatre (Leganés). 25th April 2016.


Performing Creation. ALIVE PAINTINGS OF THE PRADO MUSEUM. Federico García Lorca Theatre. With students of the  5th year in the CEIP Ana María Matute. 16th June 2014 and 20th April.  2015. Getafe, Madrid.

The Weavers

The Dream of Jacob

REGENERATIONS. Collective Exhibition. “A really useful knowledge”, IV International Week on Art Education. 13th – 29th May 2015, Faculty of Training, U.A.M.

Performance “LIVING THE GUERNICA”. V Congress on Art Education in terms of 2.0, UAM. Madrid, 18th December 2013.

HAPPENINGS. Desires for Africa, AFRICA LIVES, Casa África FYME. 30th May 2010. Paraninfo of the Complutense University, Madrid. Desires for Africa, AFRICA LIVES, Casa de África, U.C.M. 24th May 2009.

  • Collective Exhibition CULTURAL SHOCK – LOVE. Hilander@s, photography. EnREDadas n 22/ Toyotama (Japan), May 2016
  • Collective Exhibition. Inhabit and Transform Space. 15th -l 24th April 2015, in the Exhibition Hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts U.C.M.
  • INHABITED SPACES. Collective Sculpture Exhibition. Natalia Molina Sculpture Workshop in C.C. San Juan Bautista, 29th June – 15th September, Madrid, 2012.
  • THE SHADOW OF THE BULL. Collective Sculpture Exhibition. Natalia Molina Sculpture Workshop in C.C. San Juan Bautista, 24th June – 12th September, Madrid, 2011.
  • SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE LINE. Collective Wood Sculpture Exhibition. Natalia Molina Sculpture Workshop in C. C. San Juan Bautista, Madrid, 1st September – 19th October 2010.
  • Video-Documentary THAT WAY I SEE YOU- THAT WAY I SEE ME. Complutense University of Madrid. January 2010 and 2011.
  • 10 YEARS OF JOURNEYS AND SCULPTURES. Natalia Molina Sculpture Workshop. Spain-Colombia Culture Centre. Madrid, 11th February – 6th March 2010.
  • Individual Exhibition. September 2007, Casa Palacio del Apero,  Frigiliana, Málaga 2007.
  • Stage Design. “Cubes under construction” for the FYME Show: Presentation of the Volunteering Plan for the Autonomous Community of Madrid. January 2006,


Founder and director of the CONTEMPORARY SCULPTURE WORKSHOP. San Juan Bautista Culture Centre. City Council of Madrid. Courses 2000 – 2012. Collective Sculpture Research and Annual Exhibitions (of great interest and quality in the last years).