Santiago Atrio Cerezo

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Lecturer of the Department of Specific Didactics of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. Autonomous University of Madrid.

In 1993 he obtained the title of Architect from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, in 2004 the Postgraduate in Telematic Animation and Network Training from the University of Barcelona, the following year the Postgraduate in Online and Multimedia Edition of this same University and the Master in Telematics Animation and Network Training, Production of Virtual Teaching Materials in 2006. He obtained the title of Doctor in Educational Sciences from the National University of Distance Education in July 2006 with the qualification of cum laude unanimously and the accreditation of the ACAD Agency of Quality, Accreditation and prospective of the universities of Madrid in the following figures: Contracted Professor Doctor. Professor of Private University and Assistant Professor Doctor, in September 2008.

He combines his postgraduate, master’s and doctoral studies with:

  • Teaching in COU and Baccalaureate (1994-2000) and university (CES Don Bosco, center attached to the Faculty of Education of the Complutense University of Madrid from 1999 to 2010)
  • Teaching in different courses, seminars, workshops and congresses both as an organizer and as a speaker, national and international.
  • The coordination of the CES-CSIC Virtual Campus (Higher Council for Scientific Research) and the coordination of the ICT-e Service of the Don Bosco CES from 2002 to 2010.
  • The publication of different studies in articles, reference and text books, among which it is worth highlighting the work he does with other authors to launch the textbooks of the Proyecto Caminatas on the market. Oxford University Press. First cycle of Primary Education. Areas of Mathematics, Science and Language. Curricular Project. Student’s book. Teacher book. Notebooks of the student. Globalized project and by areas, 80 titles translated into several languages.

Since October 2010 he has been a professor in the Experimental Sciences Department of the Autonomous University of Madrid where he teaches Teaching of Experimental Sciences in the Teaching Degree of Primary Education. He is an official professor of the Master of Specific Didactics, Museums and Spaces for Science, as well as the Master of Secondary School of the UAM and, in the same way, professor of the Master’s Degree in Online Technology of the UNED.

He also participates as a guest professor in Official Postgraduate Studies at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.

  • Master’s Degree in Philosophy: Humanism and Transcendence
  • University Master’s Degree in Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate

In March 2011, he was appointed academic secretary of the Department of Specific Didactics.

Research lines

Research Scholar of the Juan de Herrera Institute. ETSAM.

He has made several investigations with the Institute of Mathematics and Fundamental Physics of the CSIC Miguel Catalán since September 2001, within the group “CSIC in the School” and with the aim of bringing scientific knowledge and the dissemination of science in these early formative stages .

Director of the Educational Technology Research Group of the CES Don Bosco of Madrid until November 2010.

Currently participates in the following research groups: Member of the research group of Educational Technology for the Innovation and Training of Teachers belonging to the “Projects co-funded for creation and consolidation of research groups of the U.A.M.” (Autonomous University of Madrid). Name of the group: DIM-TE, Educational Technology for Innovation and Teacher Training.

Member of the research group of the UCM directed by Mr. Antonio Bautista García-Vera Professor of the University attached to the department of general didactics and school organization of the Faculty of Education of the UCM. Name of the group: Technological development Sociocultural exclusion and Education, and research group on Interactive Digital Slates and Document Cameras.