Sofía Pastor Matamoros

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She studied at the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades of Talavera de la Reina. She studied Teaching in Early Childhood Education at the Autonomous University of Madrid, participating as a fellow in different Research Groups and taking the Mention in Art Education. During that time she studied Creativity in Ukraine and made several stays abroad.

She moved to Japan as an International Researcher of the Japanese Government for four years to study the models of Art Education in the country, both in Museums and in Educational Institutions. She has been a speaker throughout Japan and has presented his proposals in Taiwan, South Korea and Spain.

It has several publications on the similarities and differences of Japan and Spain in educational terms, both in Early Childhood and Primary Education, on the evaluation of Artistic Education, and proposals and analysis of the use of the Spanish Artistic Education Methodology in Japan and vice versa.

Currently she is doing the Doctorate of Education at the UAM in relation to the Game and the Autonomous Artistic Creation based on the Japanese methodology of Zoukei Asobi.

It is called Zoukei Asobi, in Japanese 造形 遊 び, one of the pillars of the Japanese educational curriculum that promotes creativity and autonomous artistic expression of students. During the programming and design of activities of Zoukei Asobi, it is intended to create a safe space of trust, with specific objectives and materials set in stages, where the adult is a facilitator, so that the children can select the materials (of the proposed ones), choose a space and create, individually or as a group, while playing developing skills such as problem solving.