Victoria Teijeiro Álvarez


Degree in Drama at the Royal  School of Dramatic Art (RESAD) in Madrid.

Diploma in Occupational Therapy (University of A Coruña)

Master in Art Therapy and Art Education for Social Inclusion (UAM)

Postgraduate in Psychomotricity (University of Comillas-EIPS)

Doctorate student of Inclusive Theater at UAM


Professor of Interpretation and movement since 20017: Interpretation schools (Audiovisual Voice, Malasaña School, El Almadén …), Ministry of Culture (Training for Teachers) and Associations of People with functional diversity (people with intellectual disabilities, mental illness, physical disabilities , drug addictions, etc)

Since 2012 he has collaborated with different entities: GRUMICO (Group of people with physical disabilities), ASPRONAGA (Association Pro People with Intellectual Disability of Galicia), UDC (Universidade de A Coruña), etc. developing workshops on Inclusive Theater.

2006 – 2012 Founder, actress and producer of “La Quintana Teatro” (MAX Award 2008 to the show Revelation for “From the Invisible”) that deals with social issues. Performs tasks of: management, creation of projects, search for financing and distribution.


  • “The bag or the Life” subsidized by the Institute for Women.
  • “Realities” subsidized by the La Caixa Foundation (Art for social improvement)
  • “Innómines (Road to Happiness)” (National Tour Grant of the Ministry of Education and Culture)
  • “From the Invisible” (International Tour subsidized by the AECI and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Actress since 2005: National Company of Classical Theater (CNTC), National Drama Center (CDN), Company of Blanca Marsillach, Factoría Teatro, Teatro de Malta, etc., as well as in different television series: “Fariña”, “Cuéntame cómo pasó”, “Águila Roja”, “Aida”, “Chapa e Pintura” …

Award for Best Actress in 2008 at the National Contest of Vegas Bajas (Badajoz)

In 2014, sponsored by the Call for Micro-entrepreneurs of the SGAE, she founded La Quinta del Arte (Cultural Association that defends the Art for Social Inclusion), of which she is the president and main manager. Develops different projects of Inclusive Theater subsidized by the Deputation of A Coruña, Concello of A Coruña and the Emalcsa Foundation

Since 2017 he coordinates and directs the Inclusive Theater Project “The Great Wedding” subsidized by the Emalcsa Foundation and with which he is doing the doctoral thesis “Theater as a process of social inclusion” (Postgraduate Education -UAM-). In 2019 he will perform “La Gran Boda 2.0”, an Inclusive Theater project in collaboration with the National Drama Center within the III Call for Inclusive Culture Projects (A Coruña)

In 2018 he coordinates and directs the Inclusive Theater Project “Despertares” subsidized in the II Call for Inclusive Culture of the Emalcsa Foundation.

She is part of the Research Group “Educational Change for Social Justice” of the Autonomous University of Madrid, Unesco Chair 2018.

She participates in National and International Congresses such as the Third International Congress of Young Researchers (Santiago) or The Second Biennial Conference of the Iberian Theater and Performance Network (ITPN) (University of Massachusetts).

She is currently a professor of Interpretation at the School of Dramatic Arts (ESAD) of Vigo and is on tour with “Desde lo Invisible”, “Casa O Rey” by Ibuprofeno Teatro and “Castrapo” by the Company “Os náufragos”

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