Creativity for Educational Change and Social Justice

Coordination: Jéssica Cabrera

Creativity as a complex and global phenomenon, remains a present urgency and in the future challenges of humanity: new forms of social organization, economic challenges, educational and lifestyles. A more just society demands that the authorities and actors of education have a greater responsibility to guide the megatrends towards results that strengthen human values ​​and virtues.

Creativity for educational change and social justice is proposed from a foundation based on complexity and new trends in transdisciplinary knowledge for different areas where innovation is required. The knowledge and self-knowledge of creativity, has been integrated into higher levels of consciousness and complexity, a trend that transcends the mere techniques that stimulate individual thinking, with a creativity that proposes the person as a multidimensional being, integrating, in addition, what collective, social and sustainable development.

This perspective of creativity will have a great impact on the educational culture, its community, its resources, methodological strategies and action. We propose to transcend methods that limit human potential and do not prepare for uncertainty, adversity and the current revolution. Interested in a work not only with curricular disciplinary content, but also the development of socio-affective and creative skills, attitudes and skills, emotional and spiritual intelligence, respond to unexpected situations, among others.

We have the challenge of orchestrating a culture of creativity and innovation consistent with the geographical diversity and cultural heritage connected in the global concert. Creativity is the raw material, the seed of innovation. It is proposed, therefore, to favor innovative lines of work that allow progress in the evolution of consciousness that implies an improvement in human relations, sustainable development, quality of life, social justice and a culture of peace.

This line of research is offered as an option to investigate and apply creativity from a wide range of possibilities, where they work with different professionals committed to education and social justice, sectors involved with the direct action of the educational task at all levels , and also with actors involved with policies that favor a creative and innovative improvement for the needs and motivations of the new generations.

This line of research can address the following lines of work:

I Creativity for educational change

The aim is to highlight axiological, ethical and creative dimensions that inspire teacher education policies and educational models that go beyond a curriculum with fragmented and hierarchical contents. Proposals with pedagogical innovation. From the ‘Creativity Model with Awareness and Complexity, CCC’ in 3 major areas (based on the research work with the Research and Teaching Advisory Group, GIAD of the UB and the International Network of Creative Schools, RIEC) to promote change education in learning communities.

1st Creativity and Evolution of Consciousness.

  • Creativity as a transversal value
  • Promote an innovative culture
  • Education in values, personal, social and environmental

2nd Creativity and Human Potential

  • Stimulating leadership
  • Creative teaching staff
  • Communication and human relations
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

3rd Creativity as Transformative Potential. Strategic plan

  • Multipurpose curriculum, adapted
  • Diversified methodologies and strategies
  • Innovative material and technological resources
  • Formative and emerging evaluation

II Creativity for Social Justice

  • Creativity and society. Interculturality, gender, etc.
  • Creativity and art with social conscience
  • Creativity and collaborative economy,
  • Ethics and creativity
  • Creativity and RSU through generic competences
  • Creativity and environment
  • Creativity and networks

This line is open to different academics and collaborators who want to address applications of creativity for educational change and social justice.