Deepening teachers’ conceptions of a socially just evaluation

On October 31, a paper has been published in Aula Abierta Journal where deeps in the teachers’ conception of the socially just assessment. The full reference is:

Murillo, F. J., & Hidalgo, N. (2018). Concepciones de los docentes sobre la evaluación socialmente justa [Teachers’ conceptions about a socially just assessment]. Aula Abierta, 47(4), 441-448.


The present study seeks to know assessment teachers’ conceptions about what is a socially just assessment. To achieve this objective, a phenomenographical research has been carried out in which 30 teachers of Primary and Secondary education have participated, from public and private schools located in favourable and challenging contexts. The results obtained show how teachers conceive a socially just assessment consisting of six elements: assessment for learning (rather than learning), equitable and differentiated for each student, that contributes to social awareness, which value self-esteem and empathy, and that favor and consider the reflective and critical capacity of students. The findings of our study show the importance of deepening into conceptions about a socially just assessment of students since assessment practice has clear repercussions in social and academic students’ life.