Educational Workshop for Social Justice at the UAM 50 Exhibition

Last Wednesday 5th of December GICE participated in the commemorative exhibition for the 50th anniversary of the Autonomous University of Madrid located in the CentroCentro hall of Cibeles Palace in Madrid, holding a workshop on social inequalities and education for Social Justice.

For the realization of the workshop, we counted on the participation of the CEIP Nuñez de Arenas, a school that also participates in the network of Schools Twinned by Social Justice. The workshop, held with 3rd grade students, aimed to raise awareness of social injustices from the triple perspective of Social Justice (Redistribution, Recognition and Representation) as well as reflect on how to change injustices. The workshop lasted two hours and included several suggestions for action proposed by students.

The workshop was well received by both the children who enjoyed, learned and reflected on social injustices and teachers of CEIP Manuel Núñez de Arenas, as well as by the organization of the UAM50 exhibition. For GICE it has been a great satisfaction to be able to work in a development activity that promotes the joint work of the group with the schools to achieve a socially fairer education.