New paper published about fair assessment conceptions of students

The Revista Complutense de Educación (Vol 29, No. 4) has just published the article “Fair assessment conceptions of students. A phenomenographic study from teachers’ perspective” written by F. Javier Murillo and Nina Hidalgo.

The research focuses on understanding teachers’ conceptions about what is a fair assessment. Teachers’ conceptions are the implicit beliefs that they have about the teaching-learning process and have a strong impact on their assessment practices and student development. To achieve our purpose, we have developed a phenomenographic study. The participants are 30 teachers of Primary and Secondary Education of the Community of Madrid.

The results show that teachers’ conceptions of fair assessment are divided, some of them being closer to the principle of equality and others to equity. The final conclusion of the study is the influence of the context of the school on fair assessment’ conceptions of the teachers and the relevance of knowing that if we understand teachers’ conceptions we are going to be able to implement assessment practices that achieve an education and a more just society.