Feminist Education for Social Justice

Coordination: Marta Nogueroles Jové

After long struggles, feminism is becoming an essential element of any society that pretends to be democratic. Without feminism you cannot talk about democracy and, therefore, you cannot talk about social justice either, since feminism, to which it aspires, is to the full equality of all human beings, that is, to make men and women treated with the same respect, the same social recognition and have the same opportunities to develop their capacities. The work that remains to be done is immense and the educational field has the great responsibility of taking the reins of this social transformation that, over time, will lead our society to hate both gender discrimination and violence that still exists. It exercises towards women and takes forms and intensities of the most varied.
This proposal has the main objective of providing the necessary tools, theoretical and practical, for training in feminist education. Its second objective is to bring this education to schools and thus achieve the transformation of a patriarchal society that exploits women, invisibilizes them, uses them and exercises physical and psychological violence against them, in a society of full equality.
As this is a relatively new area, these thematic lines proposed here could be extended as the social reality generates new needs that, surely, still remain hidden. In principle we propose the following:

  • Collection of bibliography and materials for feminist education
  • Review of feminist textbooks
  • History of women (science, philosophy, art, etc.)
  • Programs to prevent sexist violence in schools
  • Elements for a non-patriarchal sexual education