International Journal of Education for Social Justice

The International Journal of Education for Social Justice (RIEJS) is an academic publication in electronic format, arbitrated and edited by the research group”Educational change for Social Justice” (GICE) from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain, in collaboration with the Latin American Research Network on School Improvement and School Effectiveness (RINACE). It was created in October 2012 as an attempt to promote and spread quality research that sees education as a powerful tool for social transformation.

The journal wishes to build up an international site for debate, discussion and construction of significant researches related to Education for Social Justice, and spread their work. Among its basic goals, it intends to:

  • Collaborate in the diffusion of educational research based on this topic.
  • Promote the application of results obtained in research in order to achieve the improvement of educational systems, schools and classrooms in terms of Social Justice.
  • Stimulate the development of further quality research in education related to this topic.
  • Enlarge the discussion on contemporary educational research and social justice in education.

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