Master’s Degree in Education for Social Justice

The University Master’s Degree in Education for Social Justice has been designed with the aim of training students  to start a research career and / or improve their professional specialization within the scope of an education committed to society that favors a critical reflection on the problems of exclusion and social injustice, making possible the assessment of the role of education as a transformer of society, and contribute resources to achieve an education in and from Social Justice.

The studies of the University Master’s Degree in Education for Social Justice are part of the “Official Postgraduate Course in Education” of the UAM. They intend to train experts specialized in Social Justice and education, promote labor insertion to work in this field, as well as provide the necessary tools and strategies for research.

The professional profiles of this Master are:

  • Graduates and graduates in Teaching of Infant Education and Primary Education.
  • Teachers, managers and other professionals in the educational field that seek to a specialized training on Education for Social Justice.
  • Professionals and volunteers of NGDOs that need specialized training to develop their work in formal and non-formal educational settings.

The Master is taught over the 38 weeks of the course in the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain), assistance is mandatory (60 ECTS).

For more information about the University Master’s Degree in Education for Social Justice, access the following link.