New website of the Network of Schools Twinned by Social Justice

The Network of Schools Twinned by Social Justice launches a new website

It offers a large amount of information about the Network and its activities, as well as different useful resources for the construction an Education for Social Justice.
Schools Twinned by Social Justice is a network of schools of different educational levels (from pre-school education to university) that work together in, from and for Social Justice, through a collaborative work with Project-Based Learning (PBL).

Currently it is made up of six institutions of different educational levels:

  • CEIP Manuel Núñez de Arenas
  • CEIP Filosofo Seneca
  • CEIP La Rioja
  • CEIPS Santo Ángel de la Guarda
  • IES Barrio de Bilbao (Department of Community Services)
  • Autonomous University of Madrid (Research Group “Educational Change for Social Justice”)

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