The Research Group “EDUCATIONAL CHANGE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE” (ECSJ/ GICE) is an interdepartmental and multidisciplinary team from the “Teacher Training and Education Faculty” of the Autonoma University, Madrid, Spain, with 80 members that are university professors, PhD students and educational experts.

It is understood as a Professional Learning Community in order to help achieve quality education for all,  socially committed with education from and diversity, that  generates equal opportunities for socialization, cultural and ethical education. Finally, ECJS/GICE aims to develop an education that works “from” and “for” Social Justice.

Their actions are aimed at four complementary paths:

  • Research: Development of quality educational research to have an impact on improving education and the achievement of a just society.
  • Development: Work with schools and teachers at various levels for the development of an education “from” and “for” social justice.
  • Training: Support doctoral theses on topics from the research group work, as well as organizing activities on Education for Social Justice, aimed at training teachers and education professionals, both initial and lifelong learning.
  • Dissemination: By editing the International  Journal of Education for Social Justice (RIEJS).

GICE is organized into self-directed research lines that work together and give meaning to the core of the group: Education for Social Justice. They are currently running six research lines: Teaching for Social Justice, Service-Learning and Social Justice, Education for Citizenship and Social Justice, Leadership and Educational Improvement, and Music for Social Justice. It also has various hold up internally and externally counselling on issues such as: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of data, multilevel models, and edit and produce scientific texts.

GICE main concern is  to work with other professionals and openness to networks, both at the Autonoma University of Madrid, as with national groups, or universities and European and Latin American institutions. So, highlights their participation in activities such as the Research Network on Social Justice and Education, which coordinates the Educational Leadership  and Improvement Network Research (RILME), or the International Network of International Successful School Principals’ Project (ISSPP).