The group “EDUCATIONAL CHANGE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE” (GICE) is an interdepartmental and multidisciplinary research team of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain), with a hundred university professors, Ph.D. students and professionals in the educational field.

It is constituted in June 2009 as a professional learning community with the aim of contributing to achieve a quality education for all, fair, inclusive and socially committed, that educates from and for diversity, and generates spaces for socialization and training academic, cultural and ethical. In short, GICE’s ultimate goal is to develop an education that works from and for Social Justice.

Their actions are aimed at four complementary paths:

GICE is organized in nine lines of research that work in coordination and give meaning to the central nucleus of the group: Education for Social Justice.

GICE main concern is  to work with other professionals and openness to networks, both at the Autonoma University of Madrid, as with national groups, or universities and European and Latin American institutions. So, highlights their participation in activities such as the Research Network on Social Justice and Education, which coordinates the Educational Leadership  and Improvement Network Research (RILME), or the International Network of International Successful School Principals’ Project (ISSPP).