Estate Plan R+D+i (2012-2014). Schools for social justice

  • Type: State R & D Plan. Aid for the realization of non-oriented Fundamental Research Projects
  • Duration: 01/01/2012 – 12/31/2014
  • Call: Call 2011 for aid for the realization of Fundamental Research Projects not oriented
  • Finantial Entity: Projects of Scientific Research and Technological Development, R + D + I. Ministry of Science and Innovation.
  • Reference: EDU2011-29114
  • PI: F. Javier Murillo

Education plays a key role in the fight against social exclusion and works for social justice that is understood in three dimensions: redistribution, recognition and participation. Schools, as fundamental educational unit, are strategic elements in achieving a fairer society through their work to promote social justice. This study addresses the School for Social Justice from three conceptual and methodological perspectives. On one hand, it seeks to understand the implicit or explicit concept of social justice among secondary students and teachers’ elements to implement change processes. Secondly, it seeks to deepen understanding on the culture of schools working for social justice, and thirdly, it seeks to develop a dialogic and collaborative work in a school and transform it into a school and for social justice. In order to reach the objectives, we develop three simultaneous surveys, ex post facto research with 2800 students and 300 teachers sample from 5 Autonomous Communities. Secondly, an ethnographic study in 4 secondary schools, working for social justice, is going to be implemented. And the third step, action research with secondary schools to improve their work in and for social justice through dialogic and collaborative learning will be held.

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