Mutidisciplinary projects-UAM (2012-2014). Education and Social Justice. A multidisciplinary look (2012-2014)

Research project financed  with funds from the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain).


  • Call: First Call for Multidisciplinary Projects. UAM
  • Duration: 05/01/2012 to 04/30/2014
  • Finantial Entity: Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Reference: CEMU-2012-024
  • PI: F. Javier Murillo


This proposal explores the main guideline of the interdepartmental research group called “Educational Change for Social Justice” through the contribution of other disciplines such as History, Economics, Social Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Politics and Education in their different specialties. Thus, we have shaped a large team of specialists from five faculties, departments and thirteen nine knowledge areas to develop an ambitious research to provide a global scope, comprehensive and multidisciplinary role of education in achieving a more just society. The present research consists on complementary studies that seek to: a) Develop a multidisciplinary theoretical framework on the concept of Social Justice in Education and their implications; b) Determine the Social Justice approach of different public education policies in Spain c) Identify the concepts that students and teachers have about Social Justice concept and its application to education, and d) Determine the teaching characteristics for Social Justice and understand the teacher’s attitudes that are working for Social Justice by studying their life history. The final goal is placing in the political and social agenda, the importance of an education that works for social justice and contribute to its development from the University, not just doing research, but have an impact on teacher training. As a conclusive product it will be developed a project to be presented at the European Research Council calls – ERC and/or the EU Framework Programs.