REICE publishes its latest issue on “Training of educational researchers: Quality or marketing of higher education?”

The number has been coordinated by Luis Alan Acuña Gamboa and Leticia Pons Bonals.

The number is made up of a total of six papers:

Presentation: Training of Educational Researchers: Quality or Marketing of Higher Education? Luis Alan Acuña Gamboa and Leticia Pons Bonals

Neoliberal Academic Subject: Quantified, Digitized and Bibliometric. Geo Saura and Antonio Bolívar

Itineraries of the Training of Educational Researchers in Mexico. Luis Alan Acuña Gamboa and Leticia Pons Bonals

An Approach to Teacher Training as Educational Researchers in Mexico. Evangelina Cervantes

Gap between Educational Research and Praxis in Biology Teaching. Tamara Esquivel-Martín, Beatriz Bravo-Torija and José Manuel Pérez Martín

Comparative Perspectives between Postgraduate Teachers of Education Researchers at UNAM and UCM. María R. Belando-Montoro and José Francisco Alanís Jiménez

Scale to Evaluate Scientific Articles in Social and Human Sciences – EACSH. Emerson López-López, Sergio Tobón and Luis Gibrán Juárez-Hernández