RILME gets funding as “Network of Excellence” R&D Project

On June 29, 2018, the “Resolution of the National Research Agency was published, granting aid for actions to boost” networks of excellence “, corresponding to the National Program for the Promotion of Scientific and Technique Research of Excellence, Subprogram for Knowledge Generation, within the framework of the National Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2013-2016. Call 2017 “. See here

According to the same, the Research Network on Leadership and Educational Improvement (RILME) gained funding and renewed its consideration as “Network of Excellence”.

On this occasion, the proposal presented  focused on  the Network impact.  Thus, the summary of the presented project is:

The Educational Leadership and Improvement Research Network (RILME), throughout its 6 years of existence and thanks to the Excellence Networks Grant (Ref: EDU2015-70036-REDT), has worked to increase the research quality by coordination actions and strengthening the internal competencies of the research groups that compose it. This proposal seeks to take a step further to focus on improving a sustained use of results and knowledge generated by research on educational leadership and improvement for educational decision-making.

To this end, two complementary strategic lines are proposed:

1. Increase the research impact on educational leadership and improvement in public policy decision-making, in schools and in classrooms, by developing diverse actions: a) a theoretical analysis, and good practices and transfer of educational research that is reflected in assorted practical guides to improve the research impact; b) an analysis of the research needs expressed by policy makers, school leaders and teachers, which will be reflected on leadership and improvement research agenda; c) the development of a Collaborating Schools RILME Network to promote a better use and knowledge generation; d) establishment of institutionalized channels with the different users of research; and e) the organization of dissemination activities.

2. Strengthen and consolidate the work of the net and its groups it in research, development, innovation and training tasks, with special emphasis on the internationalization processes. To reach these purposes, organization meetings, training days and meetings will be held, as well as participation in the “World School Leadership Study”, but also to finalize the already begun elaboration of an European Project.