Voices for Social Justice

March 8th, 2019, Solfónica 15M and Voices for Social Justice (Gice-UAM) have met at the entrance of the botanical garden. Come sing with us. Let’s be a great choir! You are all welcome. Let’s continue in the struggle for us and for all those who can not come or strike.

We know that in order to resist we have to keep moving forward and we know we are strong. We have a positive proposal so that everyone, from our diversity, have a decent life. We defend a way of living together and we want to do it all, united, strengthening our alliances with other social movements. Thus we face those who make their policy from lying and contempt to women, from fear, leisure, victimization and resentment. In the process of recognizing, defending and expanding our freedoms and rights, we counterpose hope and develop bonds of support and solidarity among all.
In front of the “we first” we propose “we together”